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On January 20, CropBytes, the four-year-old metaverse farming game, launches the all-new terrain with immersive 3D graphics. The new version upgrade greatly improved the game’s already cute graphics and brought a new feel that fits the latest gaming aesthetic on mobile devices. Plus, it keeps all the fun!


The Farm Simulator Game CropBytes was launched in 2018 and quickly became one of the most immersive crypto gaming experiences with a global gaming community, surpassing 400,000 organic downloads. The NFT game is available both on the Apple and the google app stores for Android and IOS users.

CropBytes gameplay is a simple yet complex gamescape designed to create a stable and sustainable economy. For the team behind the game, it was essential to focus on the sustainable economy, which helped build a long-term game for crypto gamers. CropBytes was created with a focus on in-game economics beyond bull racing. Most NFT games suffer from liquidity crunch and asset inflation, but this was kept in mind for CropBytes and addressed early on in the game economy.

Playing the game is very simple and CropBytes offers many features for its players including balanced economy, real ownership, open market trading and utility based games among other features that are being developed for the future .

According to the roadmap for the first quarter of 2022, there are fascinating features such as staking, tokenization and lending, which are supposed to develop the game to a wider audience. The roadmap is focused on the guild economy; players start the game with a proof-of-concept game, unlike other games.

CBX mining is already live in the game, with more interesting uses of CBX to come. The token is already listed on ByBit, Mexc, and Uniswap. Owning CBX means investors are part of the CropBytes metaverse, which is designed to grow throughout and for years to come. Mining of super rare Superhero NFT assets has also started in the game.

Exploring the Metaverse CropBytes: A futuristic crypto game with real economy and immersive graphics

The dream of reclusive farming has come true in the Metaverse

CropBytes is a four-year-old metaverse game that brings a unique farming experience to hundreds of thousands of players around the world. Farming simulation is now a long-running game genre. What’s special about CropBytes is that it not only provides the essential fun farming experience, but also includes asset ownership as the main GameFi mechanism that allows farm owners to monetize their time (and money) investment. love) and receive crypto financial gains.

My gaming experience in CropBytes started with the previous version on my own reclusive farming land and shop, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful snow-capped mountains. It was winter. The silver forest and the frozen lake formed the boundary of my farm. Pure white snowflakes silently fell from the quiet sky and covered everything in white. Santa Claus in his sleigh driven by reindeer was my only visitor. It was my farm in the winter. I was eager to see how the landscape changes with the seasons. For me, this version was already very three-dimensional. That’s why I was surprised to learn that there was a brand new version with even better graphics.

Exploring the Metaverse CropBytes: A futuristic crypto game with real economy and immersive graphics
A sample of old charts

On the first day of my life as a farmer, I deployed all my assets, which include animals and their sheds, plots of land for farming, crop seeds and wells. What I found really handy about CropBytes is that the game provides ready-to-use digital asset packs ranging from small, medium to large. Each pack contains a few farm animals, soil, seeds, water, and (in the big pack) farming tools to make it easy for novice farmers like me to get started. All digital assets can be purchased in the small market stall with TRX. CropBytes also has its own cryptocurrency, CBX. A large pack containing everything needed to start the farm costs 360 CBX, or about $81 at the moment. In the CB shop I discovered some very fancy wind turbines and the excitement lasted until I learned that they are now worth over $5000… I wish I had joined the game two years ago !

Exploring the Metaverse CropBytes: A futuristic crypto game with real economy and immersive graphics

New version, great graphics and more fun

When I had the opportunity to play with the new 3D terrain a few days before the official release date, I installed the game on my tablet. The new version has retained all the classic game elements and enjoyable fun of the previous version while renovating the whole farm to make it much more attractive and mobile-friendly. What’s more important, the new terrain seamlessly transferred all my game data and keeps my farm tidy and clean like before.

The daily life of a farmer in our dimension can be very exhausting and intimidating. But the life of the digital farmer in the metaverse is much easier, thanks to the inability to generate manure or scorching sun commands on Web3. When the iconic background music starts rolling, I know I’m back at my adorable little farm and everything is looking fabulous. While much of our world is still moving slowly in winter, I’m so thrilled to see that my farm in the new version has already entered spring.

Work on the farm varies from harvesting crops to feeding animals to grinding crops to make food. In the new version, I can easily get a closer look at my character while he is doing all the farming tasks like irrigation and sowing.

Exploring the Metaverse CropBytes: A futuristic crypto game with real economy and immersive graphics

For veteran players who have already amassed a fortune in the game by trading in their harvested assets, there’s plenty more to farm. In addition to the farm animals we know of, CropBytes has released a set of superhero animals that can be traded. Superhero animals have their own food that can be crushed. There are also recipes for making breed food for those who want to breed new superheroes.

When the new version came out, I rushed to the market to check if there were any new items on the shelf. And yes! Without spoiling all the fun, it is worth mentioning that in addition to the original superhero collections, new superheroes are created which can then be used in battles. The previous version already included the social aspect where players could invite friends and mark their farms on the global map. Peer-to-peer superhero combat will bring an extra level of social connectivity. I’m looking forward to trying this.

Exploring the Metaverse CropBytes: A futuristic crypto game with real economy and immersive graphics

Sell ​​digital products and other ways to earn crypto

After a few days of harvesting, I accumulated a very modest number of eggs and milk. It was time for me to explore the trading functionality of these assets. Although it’s not much as a beginner with minimal investment, the experience was quite fun.

The trading, or to be more precise, the selling process can seem a bit complex to newbie explorers of blockchain games. Once an asset (such as eggs) has been selected from inventory to trade (usually requires a minimum of 25 units to participate in the sale), a trading page will open displaying the order book recent transactions and market trends. Select the asset to be sold, place the correct amount and set the right price that you think is reasonable, then press sell.

Exploring the Metaverse CropBytes: A futuristic crypto game with real economy and immersive graphics

Selling farm harvested assets is certainly not the only way players can generate income. CropBytes has designed several ways for players to experience different types of farm work and various ways to earn money. For example, the deployment of wind turbines and solar panels can generate energy on the farm which can then be converted into TRX. Buying and setting up a mill will allow farm owners to grind crops for co-players and get extra TRX also came back.

What’s even more interesting is the breeding of superheroes. CropBytes Superheroes are a set of NFT superhero pets that can be traded and bred with special breed food. Each NFT superhero also has a unique buff to increase farm performance: the NFT Chichu lightning bolt increases the power output of wind turbines and solar panels; floral NFT Green increases crop production; and the Poseidon-looking NFT Waterl increases water production from lakes and wells. The original price of each NFT superhero is 18,000 CBX.

Exploring the Metaverse CropBytes: A futuristic crypto game with real economy and immersive graphics

Additional screenshots and video

What would you like to grow and trade if you had a farm in the metaverse game?


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