Bangladesh and Vietnam will work for higher economic growth (Vietnamese envoy)


Vietnamese Ambassador to Bangladesh Pham Viet Chien with other guests at the 77th Vietnamese National Day reception at a hotel in the city on Friday evening. –UNB photo.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Bangladesh Pham Viet Chien pledged Bangladesh and Vietnam to work together to achieve higher economic growth during the 77th Vietnam National Day reception at a hotel in the city on Friday night .

“I firmly believe that Viet Nam and Bangladesh will maintain higher economic growth and continue to move towards achieving the goals of being upper-middle-income countries by 2030 and then high-income developed countries by early 2040. “, did he declare.

The ambassador, speaking at the 77th Vietnamese National Day reception at a hotel in the city on Friday evening, said the two countries would continue to cooperate to fulfill the dreams of Bangladesh’s founding president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman , and Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh.

He mentioned that like the Bangladesh government’s 2030 and 2041 visions, the National Congress of the Communist Party of Viet Nam has set the national development goals for 2030 and 2045.

The envoy said that Viet Nam has been and always will be a friend, a reliable partner and a responsible member of the international community.

“The Government of Viet Nam hopes to join forces with Bangladesh and other countries to address traditional and non-traditional security challenges, to work towards a peaceful world of more sustained, inclusive and humanistic development,” he said. declared.

Agriculture Minister Muhammad Abdur Razzaque spoke as the chief guest at the reception which was attended by politicians, diplomats, business leaders and cultural activists.

Razzaque stressed strengthening trade and investment relations between the two countries and called for market access of diversified products to Viet Nam from Bangladesh.

He also sought Viet Nam’s cooperation in resolving the Rohingya crisis, noting that no Myanmar nationals had been repatriated, although Bangladesh bears the burden of 1.2 million Rohingyas.

The ambassador said the size and growth rate of the economy is skyrocketing.

“From a poor and less developed country, Viet Nam has become a middle-income developing country, with a population of nearly 100 million, enjoying a per capita income of more than 3,500 dollars,” he said. -he adds.

He said that the government and people of Viet Nam always keep in their hearts and cherish the invaluable company and fruitful cooperation that the government and people of Bangladesh, all foreign countries, international organizations and the international community have extended to Viet Nam, in their struggle for independence in the past, as well as in our current cause of national defense and development.


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