Compare interest for a Payday loan?

With a payday loan you opt for security. Certainty of a fixed monthly period and interest. The amount of the interest largely determines the amount of the monthly installment. The lower the interest rate for your payday loan, the lower your monthly installment will be.

Postal credit works together with a selective number of banks, where you can request multiple quotes for free. If you wish, you can compare these with each other and use the lowest interest rate on your payday loan.

Early repayment – Can be free of fines

Early repayment - Can be free of fines

For new payday loans to be taken out, you can repay this penalty-free at once or in parts. If you now have an existing payday loan, it is advisable to look at the conditions. This is because it is possible that your contract still includes a penalty for early repayment. This fine decreases as the term of your loan expires. If you are unsure whether a fine applies to you or do you wish to submit this? 

Fixed interest

Fixed interest

The payday loan has a fixed interest rate which is determined in advance for the entire term. Do you want to know in which low interest rates Mail Credit can mediate? Request a quote online.

Interest overview payday loan

Interest overview Personal loan

In the overview below, Postkrediet has set out a number of examples of interest rates for a payday loan, not being a Revolving credit. This concerns the lowest rates that Postkrediet can offer. The credit amounts in this overview range from € 10,000 to € 50,000. The monthly installment that you ultimately pay depends on the desired duration and the interest for which you are eligible. This depends, among other things, on your personal and financial situation.