DHL: Zimbabwe on the cusp of strong economic growth


DHL Global Forwarding has launched in Zimbabwe to expand its presence across Africa. The international provider of air, sea and road freight services will give local and regional businesses in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) instant access to global markets.

As a first step, DHL Global Forwarding established a legal entity currently employing eight graduate interns with an office at 168 Herbert Chitepo Avenue in the CBD of Harare. The new entity includes a comprehensive suite of innovative technological solutions and exceptional market knowledge to successfully address the challenges facing the country’s transit and logistics industry. Its main objective is to imbue the industry with international standards synonymous with DHL and to show the market the possibilities of doing business in a compliant manner.

The offer also includes DHL’s subsidiary, Saloodo !, a digital road freight platform connecting shippers and transport providers. The platform digitally maps all transportation processes, including shipment tracking, freight document management, invoicing and payment.

Shuvai Mugadza, Country Manager, DHL Global Forwarding Zimbabwe, said: “Zimbabwe is poised for strong economic growth, and we believe our new offer is timely to help the country achieve it. Our in-depth knowledge of SADC and other markets on the African continent will be invaluable to our clients as they prepare for global expansion. In the context of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which aims to create the world’s largest free trade area by connecting 1.3 billion people in 54 countries, we are confident that with DHL Global Forwarding Zimbabwe, the logistics will not let Africa down. “

Support the growth of imports and exports

DHL Global Forwarding provides the mass network to move heavy machinery by road – mainly imported from China, Germany and India – for Zimbabwe’s mining and manufacturing sectors. The logistics provider’s air freight services will support the export of perishable goods, currently Zimbabwe’s most important export commodity, as well as tobacco and hemp.

Mugadza continues: “The expansion of DHL’s services in Zimbabwe will also welcome the global export of agricultural products, a seasonal sector, as well as that of gold, the country’s main mineral export. The focus on exports is constantly evolving, and meeting these demands requires agile logistics partners on the ground, where DHL Global Forwarding can add noticeable value.

Andrew Mutaurwa, Managing Director of Pulse Surgical Care, comments: “DHL Global Forwarding is our preferred freight and clearance partner due to its ability to shorten our supply cycle. As a supplier of surgical equipment and supplies, we worked closely with them during the COVID-19 pandemic when air and sea freight was a challenge, but together we successfully helped the healthcare industry to save lives.

Respond to future transport demand

DHL Global Forwarding shares SADC’s vision of a transport sector that supports dynamic industrial and social development. However, facilitating the solid integration of trade and socio-economic ties requires an efficient transport system. Zimbabwe’s central road and air network provides access to the global market through the ports of Durban and Mozambique and, together with southern Africa’s road, rail, port and air network, is sufficient to meet current demand for the region. most users. However, the pressure on the current capacity of these networks is increasing.


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