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PESHAWAR: German Ambassador to Pakistan Bernhard Schlagneck on Wednesday said his country wanted to further strengthen economic and trade relations with Pakistan.

He also promised an easy visa procedure for businessmen.

Speaking to members of the business community of the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the envoy agreed to make joint efforts to boost the mutual trade and economic relations between Pakistan and the ‘Germany.

“We will make the visa issuance process simple and easy for the business community as the security situation in Pakistan improves. We want to further promote our trade and economic relations with Pakistan, ”he said.

Mr Schlagneck said he would play his part in removing obstacles to issuing visas to businesses.

Schlagneck promises easy visa procedure for businessmen

He said his country has made huge investments in Pakistan, especially in the social and economic sectors, and skills development programs in the KP and the newly merged tribal districts.

The envoy said the security advisory for German tourists and investors would be reviewed as the security situation had improved a lot in Pakistan compared to a few years ago.

He said, however, that security concerns existed due to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s proximity to Afghanistan.

Previously, SCCI President Maqsood Anwar Pervez called on German investors to invest in power generation, oil and gas, LPG, mining, minerals, gemstones, agriculture, medicine, fruits, animal husbandry and honey in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He said he hoped the German investment would create job opportunities, sustainable economic growth and development in the region.

Mr Pervez suggested the establishment of a business facilitation office at the German embassy in Islamabad to resolve business issues amicably and called for the issuance of a German visa to circles. business on the letter of recommendation issued by CSIC.

Former FPCCI President Ghazanfar Bilour, Former SCCI President Zahidullah Shinwari and other businessmen also spoke on the occasion.

They suggested holding the next Business Excellence Award in Berlin, Germany.

The envoy also visited Provincial Governor Shah Farman here at the governor’s house in Peshawar and discussed matters of mutual interest.

In a statement released here, the governor said the KP is endowed with natural resources and occupies an important geographic position in the region.

He said the amalgamated tribal districts in the province had suffered due to international politics, instability and unrest in Afghanistan.

The governor said that terrorism had seriously affected the social and economic environment of the province and the security situation.

He said Pakistan strongly believes in Afghan peace, while the world should work for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan is a gateway to the states of Central Asia and once peace is restored there, Pakistani-Afghan trade ties will be strengthened,” he said.

The German ambassador told the governor that he would work more to strengthen and promote relations between the two countries.

Posted in Dawn, February 27, 2020



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