Greek economic growth set to decline in 2023 amid energy issues


ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece’s economy is expected to grow 1.8% next year, according to the country’s 2023 budget, slightly lower than numbers projected last month as rising energy costs and… inflation are taking their toll.

The final 2023 budget submitted to parliament on Monday is the first Greece has released in 12 years without the direct scrutiny, or “enhanced scrutiny”, it received from European lenders during its financial crisis.

While next year’s economic growth figures are slightly lower than last month’s forecast of 2.1%, the budget projects somewhat improved growth this year, to 5.6%, from 5.3% which had been provided for in the draft budget.

“The 2023 budget has been prepared under conditions of great uncertainty regarding global geopolitical developments,” the finance ministry said in a statement, citing the energy crisis, inflation, rising health spending due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased defense requirements. expenses.

Macroeconomic forecasts faced heightened risk “related primarily to geopolitical challenges, the development of the war in Ukraine, conditions for Europe’s supply of natural gas, energy and fuel prices and political European monetary policy,” he said.

It comes after inflation sparked protests in Greece earlier this month and in others across Europe in recent months.

In Greece, the budget forecasts harmonized inflation falling to 5% in 2023 from 9.7% this year. It also projects a primary surplus – the annual balance before debt service charges – of 0.7% of gross domestic product next year, compared to a primary deficit of 1.6% this year.

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