Grenada appoints Justin Sun as WTO ambassador to boost local economic growth through digital technologies



Justin sun is visiting recently Grenade, Cuba, Barbados, among other countries. He has demonstrated his full commitment to driving economic growth by leveraging digital technologies as well as his years of experience in the digital world.

As a first comer and practitioner in the world of blockchain, Justin sun founded TRON, one of the three largest public chains in the world, in 2018. TRON now has over 67 million users and an ecosystem in its own right, asserting itself as a backbone of the global blockchain industry .

In addition to the blockchain sphere, Justin is also a heavyweight in science and technology, art, venture capital investing and charity work, etc. In 2019, he made a record bid to win lunch with Warren buffett and interacted with the founder of Tesla Elon musk, among other industry pioneers on cutting-edge topics including technology and digital currency on social media platforms.

Grenade is located south of the Caribbean, with agriculture and tourism as pillars. According to Grenade government, the appointment of Justin sun, a digital veteran, as ambassador and permanent representative to the WTO, is conducive to the digitization of its trade, investments and governance.

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