How much can I borrow money? Calculate the DIRECT online!




How much money can I borrow? A question that many people ask themselves; The calculation is a global indication of your maximum loan based on your first data. This calculation must be further elaborated with your additional data into a complete loan application. The amount of your loan depends on the following information:


  • Borrow money with an employment contract. Do you have a permanent or temporary contract? A permanent contract gives the bank more certainty. The interest rate offered is then lower.
  • Borrow money as an entrepreneur. You can borrow money from the bank for private purposes. There are a number of conditions: you have been working within the company for more than three years, the company is profitable, you have a positive equity and a positive BKR registration. The bank determines the maximum amount of the loan based on the last three annual accounts. We only mediate for customers who receive income from employment. If you do not receive any income from employment, then unfortunately we cannot help you.
  • Borrow money with benefits. This is not a stable form of income. Taking out a loan is possible, but not in all cases.
  • Borrow money with a pension. A pension is considered a stable income, so taking out a loan follows the applicable requirements and conditions.

You may also include certain allowances with your income. View which allowances you can count on.

Living situation

  • Do you live in a rental house or do you have a house for sale? The bank does not see the owner-occupied home as collateral, but a owner-occupied home provides more security. As a result, in most cases it results in a higher loan amount and a lower interest rate.

Family situation

  • A family with children generally has more costs than a single person or a couple without children (with equal income). So a single person and a couple without children will be able to apply for a higher loan.


  • You can borrow money from the age of 21 until you are 74.

BKR coding

  • When applying for a loan, we always do a review at the BKR. A negative BKR coding means that we do not provide a loan.

Loan amount

  • The loan amount is between € 2,500 and € 75,000. The higher the loan amount, the lower the interest rate. The bank uses a scale for this.
  • The most requested amounts are:
    • € 10,000
    • € 15,000
    • € 20000
    • € 25,000
    • € 50000
    • € 75,000

Term life insurance

  • You are not obliged to take out a life insurance policy with a loan, but it does not happen that your surviving dependents have to take over your debt.