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Faye Lyon.
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With an election which, in my opinion, has not given rise to a real debate on the economy, it is essential that Parliament and the government take over the task of governing the country.

It is time for our politicians to get back to work on the issues that matter.

Businesses and the millions of Canadians they employ must take action on two critical issues: manage the pandemic safely without further bottlenecks, and implement a strategy to restore economic growth to meet our urgent and growing fiscal challenges.

The recovery must be led by the private sector. We cannot walk our path to prosperity, and we cannot confuse government spending with economic growth.

We need to take growth very seriously if we are to hope to pay our huge pandemic debt and face the future costs of climate change.

Parliament should be convened as soon as possible with a Speech from the Throne that clearly outlines how we will end the fight against COVID-19, address the economic fundamentals that are holding our economy back, and prepare our country for the opportunities of the future.

With public finances stretched to the limit, it is essential that we target our investments to achieve private sector-led growth. Growing businesses that hire more Canadians is the only path to real recovery and sustainable economic growth.

The next Parliament must prioritize helping businesses of all sizes do just that, and they can start by focusing on:

• aim for an extension of the old wage and rental subsidy programs to provide support to the hardest hit sectors;

• accelerate the deployment of a harmonized system of digital health certificates and provide companies with legal certainty on their rights and obligations;

• working with businesses to ensure we have a 21st century workforce;

• refocus our efforts with the United States to defend Canada’s trade interests; and

• create a real partnership with companies to achieve Net Zero 2050.

On behalf of our members, the Oakville House looks forward to continuing our work with all of our parliamentarians to implement this agenda.

Faye Lyons is vice president of government relations and advocacy for the Oakville Chamber of Commerce. She can be reached at [email protected]



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