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Guam middle school students interested in improving their economics skills can attend the upcoming JA Economics for Success® workshop on July 12 by Junior Achievement Guam at Guam Community College.

The workshop, sponsored by Title Guaranty of Guam, is free and will introduce students to the essentials of personal finance and the “the importance of identifying educational and career goals based on their skills, interests and values,” JA said in a recent press release. The objective of the workshop is to help students understand the value of having a successful economic life.

The program’s student leader, Mark Wang, revealed what the program aspires to.

“The primary goals of JA Economics for Success® are really about helping students prepare for high school and beyond,” Wang said.

“The things we cover are specifically geared towards a middle school audience, which is the same material that is used by other JA organizations around the world. We hope it will be a fun and engaging learning experience for all involved. .

The workshop will be broken down into the following four areas:

  • Identify and explore career interests.
  • Budgeting.
  • Risk management.
  • Expenditure methods.

Peer-to-peer mentorship will be provided, with high school students who have already completed the program as mentors. The workshop will last three hours and will include hands-on activities and learning exercises, according to the press release.


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