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Cloud Imperium Games released a new update in star citizen this week as the Early Access version gets an economic expansion. The Alpha 3.17 update, which is called Fueling the Fortunes, features more ways to make money in the galaxy without having to do a ton of heavy lifting. But it will still require work. One of the biggest additions is the ability to sell to NPCs, as you now have a broader base for goods and trading at multiple points. You can read all the details below and check out the full patch notes here, as the update is now live.

Credit: Cloud Imperium Games
  • Ship-to-ship refueling: The MISC Starfarer can now refuel stranded ships or refill fuel tanks before a long voyage. Pilots can charge recipients for fuel and service, creating a lucrative new profession in the verse.
  • Sell ​​to NPCs: Vendors and NPC Shops are now bigger participants in the economy, and players can sell weapons, armor, and other looted items for UEC.
  • Mining Gadgets: Take asteroid mining to new depths! Mining gadgets can be placed on asteroids with a variety of effects such as making the asteroid easier to break up or increasing the amount of mineable minerals.
  • Lorville Hospital: Maria Pure of Heart Hospital was added to the Hurston Dynamics company town of Lorville, welcoming new patients. Pilots can now access hospitals in all Stanton System landing zones.
  • Interactive River Tech: With the implementation of River Tech complete, the first interactive river has been added to star citizen and can be found on microTech. Pilots can glide across the water in search of harvestable resources, or walk through the water for a different perspective on the verse (helmet required).
  • MISCELLANEOUS Shell A: The “entry level” MISC Hull line of commercial-grade freighters is ready to launch a pilot’s career in space transportation with its unique extendable arm technology for transporting large commercial cargo containers. As with the larger Hull ships in her series, the MISC Hull A is designed to do one thing: carry a lot of cargo. With the ability to land on the planet even when fully charged, it’s the perfect vehicle for enterprising cargo captains from station to orbit all the way through the verse.

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