Osinbajo insists on prioritizing the agricultural value chain for economic growth


Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo said there was a need to focus on developing the country’s agricultural value chain, having an appropriate commodity market with the right logistics that would be mutually beneficial for farmers and consumers.

According to a statement issued by his assistant, Laolu Akande, Osinbajo made the call as he received a delegation from Gezawa Commodity Market and Exchange, a private company based in Kano state that provides a specialized organized market, operating efficient transactions and deliveries of agricultural products, solid minerals and energy raw materials.

The delegation was led by the CEO of the company, Mr. Muhammad Rabi’I Elyakub.

The vice president tasked stakeholders to develop the agricultural value chain, in particular to ensure the creation of an appropriate market for the purpose of obtaining value, adding: “We also need to make sure that we are in able to feed this chain well “.

Osinbajo acknowledged that “in Nigeria we are the main producers of so many different agricultural products as well as minerals. It’s adding value, making sure the value chain works efficiently, making sure that we can process, store and trade, that’s really where the missing link is.

Elaborating on the importance of the agricultural value chain, he reiterated that “I don’t know of any company that has been able to develop the entire value chain from farm to fork without a commodity exchange. very dynamic “.

He praised the idea of ​​a private commodity exchange, noting that “a private commodity exchange is very important. I firmly believe in the involvement of the private sector.

Osinbajo praised the commodities company for making very rapid progress in a very short period of time, saying the company has come a long way.

In a presentation, Gezawa Commodity Exchange CFO Dr Abdullahi Ya’u stressed the importance of having a commodity trading market, saying that without an exchange it would take years in Nigeria. for farmers, producers, commodity traders to discover their potential.


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