Prime Minister Hun Sen shares message of economic growth and successful COVID response with North American Diaspora


During a wide-ranging speech covering domestic and international issues, Prime Minister Hun described how his government defeated COVID-19. “We beat COVID, showing that our healthcare system is strong… Cambodia it may be a poor country, but we didn’t hesitate to make COVID vaccines free for everyone.”

Regarding trade and investment, the Prime Minister told the audience, “This year we are planning more investment in Cambodia. United States remains the first export destination for Cambodia. And more and more American companies, like Ford, are investing in our country.”

Regarding from Cambodia links with ChinaPrime Minister Hun said: “We do not choose between United States and China. Moreover, under the Cambodian constitution, no foreign soldier can be based in our country. And our Constitution prohibits Cambodian soldiers from joining other countries’ wars. The only exception is when we send the men and women of our armed forces to join UN peacekeeping missions around the world. It doesn’t make sense for [Ream] to be a Chinese naval base because the waters are too shallow to receive warships. He also explained how the government was reducing the number of troops in order to increase health spending.

On international affairs, the Prime Minister reiterated his support for Ukrainesaying: “If Russia separates Donetsk and Luhansk from Ukraine in the future, we will not recognize it.”

On ASEAN issues, Prime Minister Hun Sen described how his government was working to end the violence in Burma while encouraging dialogue.

An estimated 300,000 people of Cambodian descent reside in United States and Canadamost of the population being concentrated in California, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Prime Minister Hun Sen is visiting washington d.c. for the United States-ASEAN summit, during which the leaders and the president of ASEAN Joe Biden meet in person for dialogue on issues of common interest, including climate change, economic cooperation and RussiaUkraine war.

SOURCE Government of Cambodia


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