Prime Minister Strengthens Partnerships on Climate Action, Democracy, Gender Equality and Economic Growth at Summit of the Americas

Prime Minister Strengthens Partnerships on Climate Action, Democracy, Gender Equality and Economic Growth at Summit of the Americas

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LOS ANGELES, June 10, 2022

LOS ANGELES , June 10, 2022 /CNW/ – The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeautoday concluded its participation in the Ninth Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, Californiawhere he joined leaders of the hemisphere to work on the major challenges of our time, including fighting climate change and advancing gender equality, while driving economic growth that benefits everyone.

During the Summit, the Prime Minister met with his counterparts to explore concrete ways to address the challenges facing the Americas. World leaders agreed to work together to support strong democratic institutions, take ambitious climate action, boost trade and economic growth that benefits everyone, advance gender equality and LGBTQI rights, and support healthcare. health, especially for women and girls and the most vulnerable.

The leaders also condemned Russia illegal invasion of Ukraine and agreed to work closely with partners across the Americas and around the world, to continue to hold Russia to be accountable and to support Ukrainians, including those who have been displaced. Putin’s war of choice has driven up the price of fuel and food, increasing the cost of living and fear of food shortages for people around the world, including in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Prime Minister also announced today more $145 million for initiatives in support of Latin American countries and Caribbean countries to improve people’s lives, including by advancing gender equality; promote and protect democracy; fighting climate change; increasing digital access and fighting misinformation; and improve health and pandemic response. For example, we support good jobs for women and indigenous people in Peruwhile reducing deforestation in the Amazon, through the Amazon Business Alliance.

These initiatives include $26.9 million in additional funding for projects related to migration and protection in the Americas, such as support for Venezuelan refugees and funding for the fight against human trafficking. In addition to this funding, the Prime Minister announced other measures Canada takes to address the irregular migration crisis, including by endorsing the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection; advancing promotion and recruitment efforts related to from Canada Francophone immigration program; welcoming more than 50,000 agricultural workers from Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean in 2022; and increase the resettlement of refugees from the Americas, striving to welcome up to 4,000 people by 2028.

The Prime Minister met with the President of the United States Joe Biden to discuss a wide range of shared priorities from economic growth and climate action to responding to threats to democracy posed by disinformation. They also highlighted progress made under the Critical Minerals Joint Action Plan and reiterated the importance of working together to strengthen Canada-U.S. energy security while continuing to promote and nurture trade and development ties. ‘investment. The Prime Minister also expressed his support for President Biden’s Partnership of the Americas for Economic Prosperity: a proposed new framework for economic cooperation across the Americas aimed at ensuring economic growth in the region, generating good jobs for the average and to reduce economic inequalities.

Canadain the same way Argentina, Brazil, Mexicoand United Statestakes action to build more resilient, secure and healthy global food systems for the future, particularly in response to rising food prices and fear of food shortages due to Russia illegal invasion of Ukraine and the increase in extreme weather events. Leaders pledged to promote best practices to increase crop yields, improve food trade, manage sanctions to ensure the free flow of food, continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable, support systems that improve the food self-sufficiency and promote the optimal use of fertilizers.

Canada values ​​its deep and long-standing partnerships with countries across the Americas, which are essential to improving people’s lives by driving economic growth that benefits everyone, advancing gender equality and fighting climate change . At this productive Summit of the Americas, we recommitted ourselves to continue working together to build a better future for people across the hemisphere. »
– The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeauprime minister of Canada

Fast facts

  • The Summit of the Americas brings together leaders from the North, Central and South America and the Caribbean to discuss key challenges and shared priorities, including promoting action on climate change, gender equality and pandemic recovery.

  • The Prime Minister held bilateral talks with the leaders of Argentina, Dominican Republic, Jamaicaand Barbados.

  • Following their meeting, Prime Minister Trudeau and Barbados Prime Minister Mia Motley released a joint statement committing to building a sustainable, resilient and equitable future through the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • He also held informal meetings with the Bahamian and Peru.

  • The Prime Minister held a bilateral meeting with Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the Representatives in the United States House, during which they discussed common bilateral issues, including tax credits for electric vehicles, countervailing duties on Canadian lumber and securing chains supply on both sides of the border. The President was joined by members of the US Congress.

  • On the margins of the Summit, the Prime Minister hosted a roundtable with partners from across the hemisphere committed to working together and advancing common goals of protecting democracy, fighting climate change and the promotion of gender equality. leaders of Barbados, Belize, Chile, Ecuadorand Jamaica strategic how to better safeguard democracy and explored potential areas of future collaboration.

  • Canada also co-sponsored the “Declaration of the Americas for the Protection of the Ocean”, a Chilean initiative to establish a work plan to collaborate in strengthening ocean conservation. Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peruand the United States also joined the initiative.

  • Whereas in California, Canada signed a memorandum of cooperation on climate action and nature protection, demonstrating our firm commitment to combating climate change and protecting nature. The Governor of California and the Prime Minister released a joint statement outlining their partnership to deliver clean air and water, good jobs and healthy communities for Canadians and Californians.

  • The Prime Minister also held bilateral talks with the Chairman of General Motors International, Chilpan Aminand with the CEO of Alphabet and Google, Sundar Pichai.

  • Prior to attending the Summit, the Prime Minister visited NORAD headquarters in Colorado where he met with senior civilian and military leaders to advance collaboration with United States for strong defense of North America. He was accompanied by the Minister of State Defense Anita Anand.

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