Professor of political science examining Russian economic expansion in the Arctic


Thomas Rotnem

KENNESAW, Georgia (June 24, 2021) – Research conducted this summer by Thomas Rotnem, professor of political science at Kennesaw State University, could shape how the United States and other countries conduct foreign policy with Russia.

As a summer researcher at the Kennan Institute, Rotnem studies Russia’s ambitious economic development plans in the Arctic, including the development of the Northern Sea Route across the Arctic Ocean. The Washington, DC-based institute, part of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, has been a leading center for research on Russia and the former Soviet Union since 1968.

Following President Biden’s one-day summit last week with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Rotnem said the rival nations have a history of cooperation in the Arctic, which could help the countries improve their strained relations now.

“The Arctic has been an area of ​​cooperation on many levels,” said Rotnem, who is associate director of the Kennesaw State School of Government and International Affairs. “In fact, the United States has just signed an agreement with Russia on shipping and transit in the Bering and Beaufort Seas. It is proven that both parties can talk about important things and find a solution.

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