SNP’s ‘brazen twist’ and Liz Truss’ dodgy economics leave nation crying for politicians who ‘tell it like it is’ – comment from Scotsman

During a court case, Alan Clark admitted he had been ‘economical with the news’ when answering a parliamentary question about arms exports to Iraq (Picture: PA)

And in the blue corner is Tory leadership favourite, Liz Truss, who is promising tax cuts based on £30billion of ‘margin’ in the Government kitty despite the fact that, as has As economist John McLaren pointed out in Thursday’s Scotsman, soaring inflation and likely increases in both defense and NHS funding will eat away at all those funds. “Who could suffer to square the circle? Probably the usual suspects, with local government leading the charge,” he wrote.

Political pugilism can be a tough game and there is often no referee to step in to keep competitions clean, prompting one side to be at least as underhanded as the other. To be, as the late Conservative politician Alan Clark said, “economical with the news” when the occasion seems to demand it.

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Fortunately for Scottish voters, the Scottish Parliament’s non-partisan information center (Spice) was on hand to challenge the Scottish Government’s claim to have allocated nearly £3billion this financial year to help people deal with the cost of living crisis.

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SNP ministers accused of ‘brazen spin’ on cost of living aid

Spice admitted that “all of the policies listed help reduce costs to families and households in one way or another”, but added that “a list of measures announced specifically in response to the current increase inflation would be a bit shorter”. Using the Scottish Government’s method, “you could include the whole social security system, the NHS and much more,” he added.

It prompted Scottish Conservative spokesman for social justice, Miles Briggs, to criticize SNP ministers for their ‘brazen turn’, which seems a fair criticism.

But members of all parties should perhaps seek to put their own house in order first, before slandering others. Expressing constant outrage at the bad behavior of opponents, while neglecting their own, will only harm democracy.

With a lying Prime Minister gone, it’s time for politicians who shun backstabbing, backstabbing and other shenanigans and are willing to give the public what they want: straightforward, plain and simple honesty, “say -it as it is”.


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