Syria and Iran strengthen their economic and trade partnership


Mohamed Ali
Press TV, Damascus

A high-ranking Iranian economic delegation concluded a two-day visit to Syria after meeting with senior officials from the Arab country and holding talks to strengthen economic ties.

Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade concluded a two-day visit to Syria. He on Tuesday visited a number of factories in the Adra industrial zone as well as the joint Syrian Iranian car manufacturing company which has been inactive since 2019 due to obstacles in providing foreign currency for payments due to war and sanctions.

The Iranian minister met Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous. Discussions focused on implementing joint projects on time and removing obstacles they face.

Meanwhile, Fatemi Amin and the accompanying delegation held talks with the Syrian ministers of industry and internal trade. Besides the exchange of goods, officials discussed setting up investments that would increase domestic production in Syria, thereby create employment opportunities and help the war-torn country improve its economy.

The Iranian official also inaugurated the first Iranian shopping center in Damascus which houses a large number of companies specializing in trade, economy, industry and reconstruction. The center is used for import and export operations as well as for inter-state marketing.

Officials agreed to form task forces to follow up on trade cooperation and agreements reached during the two days of talks. The overall understanding is to increase the level of economic ties to match the political and strategic relations between Syria and Iran.

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