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The election is approaching and with the opinions of the candidates, we want to hear voices within the electorate of Calare before the great day of the nation. After picking everyday people from the electorate, the Central Western Daily has featured seven residents in The Pub Test who will share their diverse opinions with readers on a weekly basis. Among the participants is Matt Bayada, a 40-year-old web designer and father who has lived in Orange most of his life. Although initially a Labor voter, his politics have changed and he has more recently voted for the UAP, the Citizens Electoral Party, formerly known as the Citizens Electoral Council, and the Liberal Democrats. “I studied modern history in high school and have read and researched geopolitics and economics ever since,” he said. “I remember seeing Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke on TV as a kid, he seemed quite popular in our circles and Dad even had his hair cut for a while, a coincidence I’m sure. “When it came time for me to vote my parents seemed to be Labor and with a name like Labor I assumed they cared about hard working Australians so I voted Labour.” Mr Bayada said said he voted for Kevin Rudd in 2007 and still had the jersey to prove it, in 2008 his politics began to change after he bought his first house, which he described as “a little fibro to three beds with smoke stained walls and cat stained carpets for $155,000″. a time to get funding, so of course I started researching money creation, commercial and central banking, money supply,” Mr. Bayada added. “Along the way , I’ve read a few books The Creature from Jekyll Island and Web of Debt, central banks except China’s are private.” Mr Bayada said hello s attention turned to the Citizens Electoral Party through which he discovered figures such as politician King O’Malley, who has advocated for the creation of a national bank in Australia. He also looked at the American economic system used by Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt and remembered the Commonwealth Bank, before it was sold off and privatized under a Labor government in the 1990s. “Where the left once had great leadership and statesmanship like Franklin D Rosevelt, John F Kennedy, King O’Malley and Ben Chifley, now we have the left wing focused on identity politics,” Mr Bayada said. . He also dislikes many of their policies and views on climate change, social credit systems, and small business. “I believe the left has not just abandoned its working class base, but humanity as a whole,” he said. “Whether through international pressure or media scare, the Libs are following, veering left as voters run for candidates who listen to their constituents and are unhindered by faceless, faceless corporate interests. and NGOs (see Climate 200).” Mr Bayada said he felt the main parties were out of touch with voters and reality. “I believe we will see, as we have seen around the world, a rise in populism,” he said. “In countries where elections are fair and honest, populist candidates rekindle interest in politics by doing something shocking – having policies and goals that are helpful to humanity.” To read more stories, download the Central Western Daily news app from the Apple Store or Google Play. TELL ME Send a letter to the editor using the form below:




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