The QU College of Business and Economics organizes the “Global Sustainability Space Challenge”


The College of Business and Economics (CBE) at Qatar University (QU) is partnering with Metavisionaries to organize a “Global Sustainability Space Challenge”, alongside preparations for Qatar to host the World Cup of FIFA 2022.

The competition is organized by international partners including ICE Cubes and Space Applications Services, CBE Dean Professor Rana Sobh told a press conference. Funded by NASA, the European Space Agency and the International Space University, the competition is sponsored locally by several organizations and agencies, including the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.
“The competition emphasizes the value of using space’s unlimited resources and what can be done to create a space economy and protect the environment,” she explained.
The contest also offers young people a unique opportunity to discover the importance of space exploration as a driving force in international efforts to solve the major problems that threaten the sustainability of life on Earth.
Professor Adam Fadlallah, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, said the CBE had a number of achievements including: the introduction of two executive master’s degrees for the first time at QU and a minor in taxation. CBE’s accounting department offers a minor in the area of ​​business analysis.
Professor Dr Mostafa Hassan, Head of Department of Accounting and Information Systems at CBE, has announced the achievement of specialist academic accreditation for accounting programs from the International Association for the Advancement of Accounting Colleges in ‘company.
The department, the first in Qatar and among the 1% of all similar accounting programs worldwide that have this specialist accreditation, has renewed professional accreditation from CPA Australia and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Institute of Management Accountants and another with the Qatar Association of Chartered Accountants.
Professor Dr. Muhammad Qaid, Head of Department of Finance and Economics, pointed out that the Finance and Accounting major has entered the ranks of the top 201-250 universities in the world according to the QS Classification of Universities for Academic Majors, in addition to entering economics and econometrics majors from top 401-450 universities.
The department has signed a memorandum of understanding between QU and the Doha Chartered Financial Analysts Association and is seeking certification from the Chartered Management Institute, according to Dr Ibrahim al-Nawas, head of the institution’s management and marketing department.
The department will launch a new major in Human Resource Management and also seek accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s largest organization for the development of marketing professionals.
Dr. Said al-Banna, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Academic Excellence, spoke about his role inside and outside Qatar and his work with QU’s partners in the public and private sector and the signing of partnerships with the institutions concerned.
CBE graduate students have participated in 31 research papers accepted and published in accredited international scientific journals, and faculty members have published 149 papers in indexed scientific journals.
In addition to the faculty members receiving a large number of internal grants, they also received 10 external grants from the Qatar National Fund for Scientific Research.
Professor Belaid Aouni, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, emphasized that the high-quality research outputs of CBE faculty members and graduate students contribute to the continuous enrichment and development of knowledge and have a positive impact on the business community.
In this context, Professor Sobh pointed out that as part of the vision to activate the role of scientific research and its practical applications to have a tangible impact on society, the first startup Genesis Technologies was created in 2020 thanks to with a grant from the Qatar National Research Fund.
Dr. Karim El Yafi, one of the main researchers of the project, explained that the company has developed a unique type of blockchain technology called “MaxYa” which aims to recycle computing power into securing blockchain data for contribute to solving difficult mathematical problems. . It has direct application in the business world, for example, supply chain management and improving logistics operations in various fields.
Dr. Mazen al-Masry, one of the project’s lead researchers, said the technology is environmentally friendly and designed for durability and ease of connection to the network without the need for advanced carbon-intensive devices. .


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